Loredana Giacomini

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Licenca: Venice (1991)

Tour manager, Turisticki pratioc

Beauty will save the world” (Dostoevskij): Let’s start with Venice.
My philosophy is in my tours to unveil Venice, what I mean by this is to remove the commonplaces, help people discover the real life of the city and to surprise everyone, even myself, with the infinite facets of its beauty.
My background

I graduated in educational psychology and was enabled in philosophy, history and Italian language and literature.

I’ve been teaching philosophy and history in high school since 1970 and I’ve developed other activities connected to teaching (e.g. organizing updating courses for teachers, and meetings to facilitate the exchange of cultural scholastic experiences, the most advanced in the territory). In 1992 I changed job after I successfully passed my tourist guide exam.

Since then I’ve been explaining to visitors the history and the art of my city, Venice, I help them discover it progressively, I let them be surprised by the unexpected, I let them to contemplate it.
My advice

For those who have never visited Venice before I think that a visit to the historical centre  (St. Mark’s square with the Basilica and/or the Doge’s palace) is vital.

For who has seen these sights before I can suggest less crowded itineraries  e.g.
music in Venice;
some private and/or public gardens;
the former Dominican Monastery with the ancient library and the School of St. Mark with pharmacy;
the newly restored area of the Knights of Malta;
an antique and still working fabric factory with original looms from the 1700s;
a puppet laboratory (for kids and adults);
the costume Museum with the perfume halls;
a ‘squero’ (the place where gondolas are made) and a workshop of oars and rowlocks
and ... many other beautiful and unique things...