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Licenca: Venice (1997)

I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs, /A palace and a prison on each hand:/I saw from out the wave her structures rise/As from the stroke of the enchanter's wand... (Lord Byron, Child Harold's Pilgrimage)

"The only thing that could beat this city of water would be a city built in the air” (Josif Brodskij, Watermark)

"If I had to find a word that could substitute "music", I would think only of Venice” (Friedrich Nietzsche)
"Let me reiterate: Water equals time and provides beauty with its double. Part of water, we serve beauty in the same fashion. By rubbing water, this city improves time's looks, beautifies the future. That's what the role of this city in the universe is. Because the city is static while we are moving. The tear is proof of that. Because we go and beauty stays. Because we are headed for the future, while beauty is the eternal present. The tear is an attempt to remain, to stay behind, to merge with the city. But that's against the rules. The tear is a throwback, a tribute of the future to the past. Or else it is the result of subtracting the greater from the lesser: beauty from man. The same goes for love, because one's love, too, is greater than oneself.”
(Josif Brodskij)
My background

I finished Scientific High School in 1990, with the grade 60/60.
I graduated in 1995 from the University of Venice with a thesis on Comparative Linguistics, with the final grade 110/110.
I worked from 1994 to 1998 as an interpreter and translator for several commercial companies.
I took the exam to become an Official Tour Guide in Venice 1997, starting this activity in 1998.
My advice

It would be a pleasure to organize a walk to find out the beloved Venetian sites of the most famous writers of the past... Following the footprints of Josif Brodskij, Igor Stravinskij, George Byron, Henry James, Ernst Hemingway, Ugo Foscolo...

Discovering music in Venice... Walking along the calli where Antonio Vivaldi was born and worked, visiting the most famous Venetian concert halls that were so popular in 18th Century Europe, admiring the Fenice Opera House, paying homage to Monteverdi's grave in the Frari church, and eventually listening to Venetian baroque music in an evocative hall...

What about silence and peace in the Venetian lagoon? It's worth visiting the island of the Armenian monks and the island of St. Francis of the Desert...

If you like to feel from within everyday life in Venice, it would be a pleasure for you to walk along the narrow streets searching for the lively artisan laboratories... Not only glassblowers, mask makers and lace artisans, but also gondola and oar builders, weavers, wrought iron artisans, wood carvers... Artisans that are also real artists, through which ancient traditions still live.