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Licenca: Venice (2009)

Tour manager, Turisticki pratioc

“The Venice of today is a great museum whose little gateway continually creaks and you enter in a kind of institution together with a crowd of visitors” (Henry James, Italian hours, 1909)

To follow a guided tour with a local expert guide it’s the right choice because thanks to her knowledge and experience you’ll get the essential tools to read the “great museum“ that is Venice, the city of today, with an eye to his glorious past.
Let’s get lost……..with me!

I don’t want to forget that St. Mark’s Square with its great treasures has made Venice so famous all over the world……..but this city is much more than this! You’re invited by Venice to wander through its “maze“ composed by 6 different “sestieri“, or neighborhoods, to capture the real essence of it. Your guide will be your “compass“!
My background

My name is Ornella. I was born in Venice where I’ve been studying, living and working all my life. Here I could develop a sense for unusual beauty and art. My high school was in a Venetian Palace of early 18th Cent.; then I got my degree in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University of Venice, whose prestigious seat  occupies one of the most extraordinary gothic Palaces along the Grand Canal.

Growing in Venice

I’ve always known that sooner or later guiding tourist would become my profession in life. We, Venetian kids, could already experience our little knowledge of the place with the few tourists of the early 70’s for fun………………….

Today what makes me happy is the enthusiasm I can create with my storytelling in those who want to get in touch with my birthplace, especially in those who experience Venice as absolute beginners!!!

2 of my great passions are travels and photography. Whenever I can I walk off the beaten track, through hidden backstreets in search of something different. Venice offers 1000 of these choices. As a city free from cars your senses are amplified. This is a great help to discover day by day new sites, new corners, hidden symbols to read.

It’s a great pleasure for me to share my feelings  as a native professional  local guide with all those who are prepared to experience the incorporeal being of Venice.
My advice

Venice is a unique city, very original in its urban structure. If we look  at it as a maze we’ll use our 5 senses to unveil its secrets and most hidden beauties.

These tours are designed not only for those already familiar with the city, above all for all those with a high level of curiosity and pleasure for unusual.

Let’s start with the sense of TASTE, the easiest one. The city offers a wide panorama of wine bars, in Venice called “bacari“, where tourists and venetians share their experience with local food, the so called “cicchetti“, different kind of small appetizers to be served with an “ ombra “ or better said a small glass of wine.

If we consider the sense of HEARING we have to mention Antonio Vivaldi, the most famous music composer of the 18th Century, when Venice was the capital city in Europe as far as cultural life is concerned.

There are many itineraries to follow on the footsteps, or better said, on the “notes“ of the Greatests.

The sense of SMELL remembers us that Venice was maybe the biggest emporium of medieval and Renaissance Europe. In the recently remodeled Palazzo Mocenigo, once  residence of a noble venetian family, today converted into the Museum dedicated to the history of venetian costumes and textiles, we can find  the new-born section dedicated to the history of perfume and spices.

The sense of TOUCH brings us back to the great tradition of this city in the manufacture of silk and precious textiles. 2 big brands, such as Fortuny and Bevilacqua, famous all over the world, are still operating with their factories in Venice. Both  prestigious seats are opened to visitors.

Maybe the sense of SIGHT is the easiest one…………you only need to open your eyes and that’s it……………..a wonderful vision is in front of you. There is a multiple choice of keys to perceive the magic of Venice. People can enjoy the city from the water cruising along its waterways, from the top of its towers, from the interior………….. of  private palaces, where nobles were at home once, museums, churches, very special art galleries rich in art treasures, theatres. The most photogenic city in the world is an ideal place to follow a photographing safari.