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Licenca: Venice (2005)

French national guide, Turisticki pratioc

"All canals will lead to light" (André Saurès, Voyage du Condottiere)
Tuning :         VENICE'-S

Venice is a kaleidoscopic city: throughout her thousand treasures, known and invisible: art, architectures, music, palaces, famous visitors...: you will find that just like within Tintoretto's paintings, the unrepeatable path is yours.
Porter's muscles, noisy canals, soft velvets of past seasons ... The list of images is also the result of pragmatic merchants of Venice, and yet
Like a person: over commented through time, overwhelmed travelers find that their path is always unexpected.
Throughout the small alleyways, our eyes understand how closely a people have been exchanging the science of humanism.
Will the tight walls will be part of our blindness ?
Have a drink in the busy Rialto market.
The Venetian come and go, ignorant, might we think, of the true nature of this a-maze,
And yet, you discover them to be the true miracle of this hospitality without earth, as you break out on colorful canals, just to find the echo loose itself upon the mist of waters as you leave.
This is more than a city.
I love Venice and the Venetian.
And we are their guests.
My background

Born in Marocco, an English child, from French parents, of English, Irish, Catalan, Alsatian, Italian .. origins !
I am truly multicultural !
This peculiar trip, is most probable to have created more than a single point of view in my mind, and an obvious sensitiveness through different languages.
My background generated a necessary comprehension of human multiplicity, and the quest of bridges of communication.

University in foreign languages applied to tourism and affairs (France 1991)
Art School of Perpignan, and Strasbourg (1991-95) / particular interest in glass
Art History Prize (Pflimlin, of Strasbourg city) 1994
French National Tourist Guide (France 2003)
Venice Tour guide  (2005)

I am looking for poetry and art in life (theatre - they all tell me ! -, music and visual arts).
My advice

Lose yourself, or hunt but one treasure. Live emotions of a city that escapes all googles. Cross the bridges in betweenness.
Venice suits any research.
A local guide is the best door, into the one of the most magical ports of the world.
The Venetian experience has now turned the guide into colored notes ...

I suggest a unique souvenir of Venice : your portrait !

To remember, or to invite someone important, the Venetian trip will shine in unforgettable lines.

I just need a photo, and then, pencils, watercolor, or oil painting.. 

According to your own budget and necessities, why not fix it ?