Stefania Colecchia

lang-icon Engleski, Italijanski, Ruski

phone-icon +39 3474351222

Licenca: Venice (1998)

Turisticki pratioc

Ad excelsa tendo. I aim at excellence.
I like working and having fun at the same time. It is also very important for me being open minded, respectful and sensitive to the people I meet, particularly if thinking of their religious and cultural different approaches. I do not like being in a hurry. I dislike also arrogance, bad education and inaccuracy. I usually meet my obligations and I generally dislike last minute changes. I appreciate punctuality and flexibility. A little bit of sense of humour makes sense to me together with sincerity.
My background

I attended the local Grammar school in Mestre, named in honour of Raimondo Franchetti and I completed it in 1982 votation: 45/60

Working experiences
I have worked as a teacher of English (in the school year 1997/98) and I have passed a State board exam to be a teacher of Russian. In the past I have cooperated with several enterprises in the Veneto Region and in Emilia between 1991 and 1997 as a clerk and an interpreter dealing with clients and delegations. I have worked as a translator even before my graduation and I taught Russian for the Italy-USSR Association.

I am passionate about art, history, foreign languages, travels, music, food and dolce vita.
My advice

I would like to propose you artistic, musical, historical, environmental and entertaining tours in order to let you discover various aspects of living in Venice and in its lagoon. In my opinion it is necessary discovering and narrating Venice with enthusiasm and participation. For instance I list some of my themes: Music in Venice, the culture of wine in Venice, Challenges and discoverings in the maze of calli and campi, Doges and Dogaresse, the history of a Republic through its festivities, Illustrious women in the Serenissima, Saints and relics: a great epic past, Foreigner communities in Venice, Great changes in the XIX and XX centuries, Venice and its guilds and jobs, Islands in the lagoon: monasteries, fortresses and hospitals. This list could continue …